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Western Investment On The Rise in India's Pharmaceutical Industry

Over the years, Indian Pharmaceutical Industry has been one of the bright points in the economy of the United Kingdom. The UK has invested a lot of money in this sector as Indian drugs have been discovered to have several medicinal benefits. Hence, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies from India have been developing their products and getting them prepared for clinical trials.

The main drivers behind this venture are: Indian Pharmaceutical Industry has the potential to provide the consumer with new and advanced treatments and medicines. Due to globalization and liberalization of the economy of the United Kingdom, the pharmaceutical industries in the UK have grown at a very high pace. Due to this, there is a massive requirement for jobs in the UK pharmaceutical industry.

This is why more pharmaceutical companies from the United Kingdom are looking towards India to develop their medicines. The world-class pharmaceutical research and development facilities that are found in India have made incredible contributions in the field of bio-medical science. They have developed many useful medicines that can help treat common as well as crucial diseases like Alzheimer’s, Cancer and many more.

However, India is not an easy task as many hurdles stand in the way of entering into this market. For starters, the Indian stock exchange does not have the symbol/name of the major company listed above it. Therefore, one has to take a lot of research on the terms of the market before investing in any share. Also, there are certain red flags that should be taken care of. For instance, the share price may suddenly shoot up in a matter of minutes, therefore, investors should be prepared for such an incidence.

Another important thing is the FDA. In United States, Food and Drug Administration is in charge of maintaining the standards of healthiness and safety of the medicines that are being introduced in the market. Once the FDA takes a notice about any foreign produced medicine, then the country where that drug got introduced into the market will be placed under suspension. This means that the said medicine will not be allowed to enter into the domestic market. The European Union is yet another similar organization.

As a result, most of the times investors prefer to invest in the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies rather than those whose products are not fit for the domestic market. There are two main reasons for this preference. Firstly, the pharmaceutical industry in India has made remarkable achievements in past few years and is expected to fulfill all the potential that has been mentioned. Secondly, there is a fear of being trapped by the FDA and losing all the benefits that the drug holds.

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