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Baltimore, Maryland Apr 3, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Sports such as dance, cheerleading, and ice skating suffer from a lack of diversity and accessibility. Thirty-three years after Debi Thomas graced the podium in Seoul Korea to become the first Black woman to win an Olympic medal in women’s figure skating, the sport remains largely populated by White and Asian skaters. Starr Andrews, one of the only Black figure skaters on the international circuit today is accustomed to standing out at competitions “Sometimes it’s a good thing, most times it’s a bad feeling.” Andrews shared. Among the many obstacles that women of color face are the lack of apparel, make-up, and performance wear designed to accommodate a range of skin tones and body type differences common in the black community.  Aurora Tights supplies the inclusive performer’s wardrobe from tights to apparel and designs products for all skin tones from the fairest to the deepest shades.

Aurora Tights was founded by three black women, performance athletes in traditionally non-diverse sports, to provide options for women that refuse to settle for apparel that only accommodates certain body types and skin tones, and prevents them from performing as their authentic selves. In the wake of the diversity, equity, and inclusion movement, athletes from around the world have committed to diversifying their sports. Aurora Tights has created ambitious goals over the next five years to make sure that no performer ever wears the wrong shade or size of tights again. To raise awareness and address the need for diversity in all aspects of performance sports, Aurora Tights is targeting the performers involved, their parents, their coaches, and their costume designers.  Their Perform in Color Pledge is taking three key actions to hit this goal:

  • Host educational events for parents, coaches, and retailers who want to learn how to increase the diversity within performance sports, like dance and ice skating, and create inclusive spaces for all performers.
  • Add more shades to our current product line, from the fairest to the deepest skin tones so that every performer can find their perfect match.
  • Give away 100 pairs of tights each year, specifically lessen the financial barrier for performers in need who want to excel in the sports they love.

To provoke discussion on diversity and inclusion in the performance industry from the point of view of performers and their coaches, costume designers, and parents, Aurora Tights will be hosting an event, Because Everyone Deserves to Shine, on April 19th at 7 pm EST via Zoom. This event is open to performers, parents, retailers, and coaches. Please sign up here to attend: https://becauseeveryonedeservestoshine.splashthat.com/

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