Population change in the Barents Region (1990 - 2014)

Patchwork Stories

  • 03/26/2015
    Atle Staalesen, BarentsObserver.com
    Figures assembled by Patchwork Barents show that Norwegian gas production in waters north of the Arctic Circle in 2014 amounted to 7,46 billion cubic meters. That is the biggest volume from the region ever, BarentsObserver reports. A lion's share of the Norwegian Arctic production comes from Statoil's Snøhvit LNG project, the world's northernmost...
  • 03/17/2015
    Elizaveta Vassilieva, Barents Secretariat
    Why should we care about border regions? Because they represent a unique example of how people live – a cross section of their differences and similarities. Border regions can give us a better understanding of countries’ social and economic developments.They can tell the stories of a musher in Finnish Lapland, speaking fluently Russian, or a grape...