Turnout in Regional Parliament Elections (2011-2015)

Patchwork Stories

  • 09/30/2015
    Arina Ulyanova, Murmansk State Humanities University
    When it comes to participation in parliamentary elections in the Barents Region, Sweden takes first place. According to statistics from Patchwork Barents, the latest elections to the national, regional and local legislative assemblies in Sweden had a voter turnout over eighty percent, which is considerably higher than in Norway, Finland and Russia...
  • 09/18/2015
    Atle Staalesen, BarentsObserver.com
    Figures from regional statistical office Murmanskstat, the regional branch office of federal Rosstat, show that regional fishery processing facilities the first six months of 2015 produced 19,3 thousand tons, 13 percent less than in the same period 2014, BarentsObserver reports. The weak results for 2015 follows an industry decline also last year...